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FAQs: Gawler building inspections

Frequently asked questions:
What is covered in a pre purchase building inspection Gawler and Barossa valley?

In our building inspections we inspect the property for all major and minor defects. We inspect property subfloor, interior, exterior, roof void, roof and gutters, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry, the site of the property upto 30 metres of the boundary.

Why choose Gawler building inspections?

We are licensed builders with many years of knowledge and experience in the building industry. We have public liabilty and professional indeminty insurance to give you peace of mind. We have had many years in the building industry and we know what we are looking when it comes to building inspections in Gawler and Barossa Valley region, for our building inspections come with a very comprehensive report which would be one of the best in the Gawler, Barossa valley and Angle vale region. Our reports come with many pictures of defects and advice of rectifications and which trades to engage for repair and you can always call us with any questions.

When should I arrange a building inspections Gawler and Barossa valley?

You should contact Gawler building inspections as soon as you begin in the negotiating process try to book in your building inspection before the cooling off period ends we are very flexible and will try our best to book you in as soon as possible to assure that you have no stress and giving you enough time to make a decision.

When will I receive my building report?

Your report will be emailed to you the same day of the inspection all our building reports are sent in a PDF format and can be opened on any device or computer. We make sure our reports are sent out as soon as possible to give the client peace of mind.

What will a Timber pest report include?

It will include any timber pest activity in the building or the site, our qualified pest inspectors have all the newest technology to help with tracking and finding any pest activity. It will include any previous termite attacks or damage to the property. It will give any current or previous treatment that the property and site has have, along with any recommendations the pest inspector may have, our pest inspector can be contacted at any time with any further questions.

Can I be present at the building inspection Gawler and Barossa Valley?

Yes that is perfectly fine that you are present on inspection, ofcourse you will have to get the green light from the realtor or real estate agent but we like to talk to our clients face to face to discuss any of our findings of major and minor defects, if you can not attend we will give you a call once the pre purchase inspection is done to discuss any defects over the phone and any possible advice and recommendations that we can give to you. We at Gawler building inspections know that buying a house is a big investment and want to help you in the buying process.

What if i’m having trouble understanding the report from Gawler building inspections?

Our reports are very comprehensive and easy to read. But if you may be having any trouble reading or understanding our reports we will be happy to go over it with you over the phone, or organise a time to meet face to face so we can talk about your report and we can explain what problems or issues you may have. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, think of Gawler building inspections as a good friend of yours just not a building inspection company operating in Gawler and Barossa valley region.

How long will the building inspection take?

Our building inspections reports normally take around 1-2 hours depending on the condition of the property. After the completion of our building inspection we will show you around the property showing you all our findings and any present defects that we have found and think is a issue.

How can I pay for my building inspection Gawler and Barossa valley region?

We accept cash and bank transfer.

When do I need to pay for my building inspection Gawler and Barossa valley region?

We require payment for the building inspection the same day the building inspection is completed on our invoices we have the invoices set as payment upon reciept. Once we recieve payment for the building inspection we will email you the report straight away.


We often get asked do i need a building and pest inspection or can i just get a building inspection? The short answer is at Gawler building inspections we recommend you get both building and pest inspection done. The reason being the building inspector is not a professional in pest and pest control. Termites are often hidden and it is best to get a expert who is experienced in pest inspections and specializes in pest control to assess the home you are purchasing. In Gawler and the Barossa valley region there is lots of termite damage done to homes, and if undetected this will cost you thousands of dollars on repairs. So for a small fee you will have a expert in pest inspections come and thoroughly inspect the property and give you advice on termite prevention's and installation. At Gawler building inspections our pest inspectors are active pest controllers and have great knowledge and understanding in how termites and pests operate and where they are hidden as they work in the industry everyday.

Does the property i am purchasing have Asbestos?

To know 100% if the property you are purchasing has asbestos samples will have to be taken and sent off to a laboratory for testing. Up until the mid 1980s, Australia had one of the highest rates of asbestos use per person in the world and asbestos can cause life threatening illness and removal always has to be undertaken by a specialist. Asbestos used to be considered as a very useful mineral due to it's flexibility, durability, affordability and can insulate from heat and also from electricity. Because of these reason, it was often used in the construction of homes and building throughout Gawler and Barossa valley regions. Asbestos once a dust form is very dangerous so due diligence and safety equipment is needed when working with the material.

No regulations in South Australia!

Did you know that in South Australia there is no regulations to become a building inspector? Yes that is right even you can become a building inspector. At Gawler building inspections we think this is disgusting due to the fact that you may have a ex-warehouse worker with no licence, no qualifications, no building experience at all inspecting the property of your dreams, your biggest asset! If you are looking to purchase a property in the Gawler and Barossa valley region get in touch with us, our building inspectors and pest inspectors hold builders licences and pest control licences and hold many years of experience in the building and pest industry.

Real estate agents vs customer referral

Customer referrals - Here at Gawler building inspections most of our work comes from referrals we do not work with real estate agents and our reports are not biased check out our testimonials on google.

Fantastic reputation - We’re among Gawler and Barossa valley's most reputable building inspectors and our building inspection reports speak for themselves.

Impartial advice - We are completely independent from real estate agents and are on our customers side. We know Gawler and Barossa valley region, being born and bred in the Northern suburbs of South Australia our building inspector has a strong connection to the North and loves helping home buyers purchase properties in there area he respects and knows to well, wherever you buy in Gawler and the Barossa valley, we are familiar with the potential defects found within the property

Fully accredited - company Our company director and our main building inspector is professionally accredited and insured in South Australia and is a Licensed Builder and qualified building inspector

Fully compliant - All our building Inspections comply with and exceed Australian Standard 4349.1. (2007 Inspection of Buildings Part 1: Pre-Purchase Inspections; Residential Buildings). We follow a strict Code of practice assuring everything in the home you are purchasing applies to the Australia standard.

Constant support - Gawler building inspections completes non biased reports and are reinforced with FREE ongoing phone support after the report is given and whenever our customers have any questions.


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