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COMBINED BUILDING AND PEST INSPECTIONS the price is $500.00 this includes two inspectors inspecting the property with two reports.

COMMERCIAL BUILDING INSPECTIONS the building inspector will have to provide a quote as they can vary in size and design. Please call for a free no obligation qoute.


STAGED BUILDING INSPECTIONS ARE $350.00 FOR EACH STAGEd building inspection IF you are needing 3 STAGES THE PRICE WILL BE $950.oo



NOTE: Travel allowance may apply for properties not in The Adelaide Metro, Gawler or Barossa valley regions.

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  • 5106
  • Parafield
  • Parafield Airport
  • Salisbury South
  • Salisbury South Bc
  • Salisbury South Dc                      
  • 5107
  • Green Fields
  • Parafield Gardens
  • 5108
  • Paralowie
  • Salisbury
  • Salisbury Downs
  • Salisbury North
  • Salisbury North Whites Road
  • 5109
  • Brahma Lodge
  • Salisbury East
  • Salisbury East Northbri Ave
  • Salisbury Heights
  • Salisbury Park
  • Salisbury Plain
  • 5110
  • Bolivar
  • Burton
  • Direk
  • Globe Derby Park
  • St Kilda
  • Waterloo Corner
  • 5111
  • Edinburgh
  • 5112
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth East
  • Elizabeth Grove
  • Elizabeth South
  • Elizabeth Vale
  • Hillbank
  • 5113
  • Davoren Park
  • Davoren Park North
  • Davoren Park South
  • Elizabeth Downs
  • Elizabeth North
  • Elizabeth Park
  • Elizabeth West
  • Elizabeth West Dc
  • 5114
  • Andrews Farm
  • Blakeview
  • Craigmore
  • Gould Creek
  • Humbug Scrub
  • One Tree Hill
  • Sampson Flat
  • Smithfield
  • Smithfield Plains
  • Smithfield West
  • Uleybury
  • Yattalunga
  • 5115
  • Kudla
  • Munno Para
  • Munno Para Downs
  • Munno Para West
  • 5116
  • Evanston
  • Evanston Gardens
  • Evanston Park
  • Evanston South
  • Hillier
  • 5117
  • Angle Vale
  • 5118
  • Bibaringa
  • Buchfelde
  • Concordia
  • Gawler
  • Gawler Belt
  • Gawler East
  • Gawler River
  • Gawler South
  • Gawler West
  • Hewett
  • Kalbeeba
  • Kangaroo Flat
  • Kingsford
  • Reid
  • Ward Belt
  • Willaston
  • 5120
  • Buckland Park
  • Virginia
  • 5121
  • Macdonald Park
  • Penfield
  • Penfield Gardens
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  • Golden Grove
  • Golden Grove Village
  • Greenwith
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  • Fairview Park
  • Surrey Downs
  • Yatala Vale
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  • Wynn Vale
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  • Houghton
  • Lower Hermitage
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  • Inglewood
  • 5345
  • Barmera
  • Loveday
  • Spectacle Lake
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  • Sandy Creek
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  • Altona
  • Cockatoo Valley
  • Lyndoch
  • Mount Crawford
  • Pewsey Vale
  • Williamstown
  • 5352
  • Gomersal
  • Rowland Flat
  • Stone Well
  • Tanunda
  • 5353
  • Angaston
  • Black Hill
  • Cambrai
  • Keyneton
  • Kongolia
  • Moculta
  • Mount Mckenzie
  • Sedan
  • Towitta
  • 5354
  • Bakara
  • Bakara Well
  • Naidia
  • Punyelroo
  • Swan Reach
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  • Daveyston
  • Ebenezer
  • Light Pass
  • Marananga
  • Moppa
  • Nuriootpa
  • Seppeltsfield
  • Stockwell
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  • Truro
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Building inspections Tanunda

Tanunda is a town situated in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia, 70 kilometers north-east of the state capital, Adelaide. This is a awesome place to grow up for kids with lots of bike tracks and many things to do and keep you busy. Tanunda is a hot spot for tourists and a hub for the youth of the Barossa valley region. The town derives its name from an Aboriginal word meaning water hole. The town's population is approximately 4600. Tanunda is a beautiful place to buy, with amazing wineries and such amazing scenery this town is really the heart and soul of the Barossa valley region.

Building inspections Gawler

Gawler is the oldest country town on the Australian mainland in the state of South Australia, and is named after the second Governor of the colony of South Australia, George Gawler. It is about 40–44 km north of the centre of the state capital, Adelaide, and is close to the major wine producing district of the Barossa Valley. House in Gawler are fantastic for families have offer a great lifestyle for all ages. If you are purchasing a home please make sure to contact us with any questions you have regarding the building inspection process. Topographically, Gawler sits at the confluence of two tributaries of the Gawler River, the North and South Para rivers, where they emerge from a range of low hills. Gawler is for ever expanding and growing, buying real estate is affordable at the moment but maybe in a few more years it won't be. Gawler is situated close to Willaston 5118, Evanston 5116, Roseworthy 5371, Barossa valley and even close to Elizabeth 5112.

Building inspections Barossa valley

The Barossa Valley is a well known wine-producing region northeast of Adelaide, in South Australia. The region includes beautiful towns such as Tanunda, Angaston and Nuriootpa, and award winning wineries offering tours and allowing the public to enter their celllar doors. Shiraz grapes are the local speciality. The amazing homes that have been built many years ago are stone cottages and Lutheran churches throughout the region are testament to a 19th-century wave of German settlers. Who would not love to own a home in this amazing wine region of South Australia, Gawler building inspections are the professionals in the northern surburbs of South Australia when it comes to home inspections

Building inspections Adelaide

There is so many reasons to live in Adelaide, South Australia. Adelaide is a wonderful place for young and old, being one of the top 10 cities to live in the whole world it is a very safe environment to raise children, it's great for affordability with other states in Australia being well over priced. You can buy a property in Adelaide for a price where you can sustain a good standard of living and also live in a spacious large home, living in Adelaide you can afford to eat out, go on holidays or even work part time. South Australia has pristine beaches and has great surf for those whole love to surf. I have been living in Adelaide my whole life and i will never move. Adelaide is located close to the Gawler and Barossa valley wine region. The neighboring suburbs are also great for families, singles and couples just outside the CBD. Some of these suburbs include Tea tree gully, Hope valley, Magill, Munno para, Paralowie, Craigmore, Woodville, Elizabeth, Modbury, Ingle farm, Semaphore, Marion, Pooraka and Salisbury. These suburbs are affordable and you can get a nice home for a decent price. If you are buying a property in these areas and need a building inspections please make sure to give Gawler building inspections a call to inspect your property. 

Building inspections South Australia

I often get asked do i need a building inspection in South Australia, do i need a termite inspection also. My answer always is YES you do need a building inspection, hidden defects can cost you thousands and we all know how hard it is to get money from the banks these days to buy a house, with the royal commission. Building and pest inspections will only cost you a couple hundred dollars. Don't play around with real estate it is your biggest investment. Building inspectors are there to make sure you are buying what you are looking for and that the property has no major defects, the building inspectors at Gawler building inspections will help you even after the report has been sent. We all know how it is buying properties we know that it can be scary time. South Australia is filled with termites, do not take a risk you will regret. Our building inspectors are fully trained, and our building inspection reports are very comprehensive and easy to read. All our building inspectors are born and bred in South Australia, we love helping South Australians buy their homes, we love seeing our clients happy after the inspection is complete. Buy your house with peace of mind. We are a South Australian owned building inspection company, operating in Gawler, Barossa valley region and Adelaide.

Building inspections Elizabeth

Elizabeth is in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and is booming with potential for all property investors. The house prices are affordable and the land size is great for property development, with all new amenities close by including Elizabeth shops, Elizabeth cinemas and Elizabeth restaurants it is a great place for anyone looking to purchase a house for a good price. Elizabeth has many parts it has Elizabeth North, Elizabeth South, Elizabeth West, Elizabeth Vale, Elizabeth Downs and Elizabeth East. Elizabeth has lots of other great surrounding areas like Blakeview which has Munno para shops close by, it has Smithfield which is another great place for development, you can buy houses in Smithfield, Blakeview and Munno para with Large blocks for under 250k. We offer building inspections in these areas, Gawler building inspections is not far from the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. We offer Great prices for anyone living in Elizabeth, Munno para, Blakeview, Hillbank, Smithfield, Davoren park and Elizabeth Vale. In the next few years these areas are tipped to boom, with all the new infrastructure that has been put in, the increased number of shops and things to do for the kids. 

Building inspections Salisbury

The city of Salisbury in Adelaide, South Australia is another suburb in the northern suburbs of Adelaide which is continually growing, the city of Salisbury is a wonderful place to bring up and family, their local council the Salisbury Council is always putting events on for Families and people with young kids, here at Gawler building inspections we attend these events ourselves. Salisbury has it's own shopping complex which is called parabanks shopping centre. Affordability in Salisbury is great for people starting in the property market, if you are purchasing a property in the region a building inspections are always recommended, here at Gawler building inspections we can assist you in the building inspection with our highly trained building inspectors. There is constant growth and development in the area of Salisbury with great areas such as Salisbury north, Salisbury South, Salisbury Heights, Salisbury east, Salisbury Downs , Paralowie, Parafield gardens and Burton. All these suburbs would be a great place to buy your first home, there is sporting clubs in the area such as Salisbury united, Salisbury football club, they have a number of shopping complexes such as Hollywood plaza, in Salisbury they have a hoyts cinema. So if you are looking to buy in the neighborhood please make sure to give Gawler building inspections a Call on 0403059376 or simply send us a email on We can arrange a building inspection or a building and pest inspection, any inspection you may need please just ask our friendly staff and building inspectors. 

Pest inspections Gawler

If you are purchasing a property in Gawler and Barossa valley region we highly recommend a pest inspection being done with your building inspection, termites in South Australia do major damage to home owners properties across the state with thousands of homes attacked every year. You do not want to be purchasing a house that has thousands of dollars hidden damage. We also offer a yearly annual termite inspection to home owners who already own their own homes to give them peace of mind in knowing their most valuable asset is safe from any termite attacks and damage. A pest inspection is worth every cent and we highly recommend that all home owners engage with Gawler building inspections to organise their annual inspection or pre purchase inspection. Some of the areas we cover for pest inspections are - Gawler, Barossa valley, Tanunda, Lyndoch, Elizabeth, Craigmore, Smithfield, Munno para, Salisbury, Blakeview, Williamstown, Paralowie, Sandy creek, Angle vale, Two wells, Lewiston. We love the North of Adelaide and we love help our clients protect their property from termite invasions.

Building inspections Adelaide hills

We love the country and we love the Adelaide hills, the Adelaide hills is home to some amazing scenery and old towns. Some of the towns that come to mind when you think of the Adelaide hills are Handorf the old German Village or Stirling the class and homes built in Stirling are simply amazing. Apart from the beautiful scenes and bold and brilliant buildings the Adelaide hills has some great wineries and is not far from the world famous Barossa valley, filled with life during summer and winter it is a wonderful place to visit with many things to do in the Adelaide hills we find ourselves there all the time. At Gawler building inspections we do not just travel to the Adelaide hills for leisure though, there is work to be done. We complete building inspections in the Adelaide hills and we also complete pest inspections to give our customers the ultimate peace of mind. We travel all around the Adelaide hills and we love every square inch of South Australia and what it has to offer. We love south Australia and its great beauty!

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